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La Villita

Bonsai Arbor

418 Villita Street
San Antonio, TX 78205
Sherry Disdier
Phone: 210-224-5770

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NO NEED TO DROWN YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS for La Villita and the Riverwalk
shops, restaurants and activities are thriving and doing fine. The Flood of
2002 has come and gone without affecting the San Antonio traditions or
spirit of our lovely downtown area.
Please stop in and visit.... WE ARE OPEN....

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La Plantadora's Bonsai Arbor is located just across the street from the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and above the famous San Antonio Riverwalk in the historic original settlement of San Antonio called La Villita. Horticulturist Sherry Disdier practices the art of Bonsai at her Bonsai Arbor studio in a shaded courtyard behind the Little Church of La Villita. Here she demonstrates how to create and properly care for Bonsai trees. Sherry has a Masters degree in Horticulture from Texas A & M University with a specialty in tree production. She has been a professional grower for 25 years. Her Bonsai shop has been in La Villita for 14 years. She grows all her own trees. Prices accommodate all budgets from inexpensive young Bonsai for the beginner to older mature fully developed specimen trees. A care brochure comes with each tree.

Also, available at Bonsai Arbor are Bonsai tools, containers, wire, books, figurines, display stands, fertilizer, potting mix and moss.

We successfully ship Bonsai nationwide and they arrive in good condition. We can also pack for hand carrying. As a customer service we can prune , re-pot and restyle your Bonsai for a reasonable charge. So if it needs a "haircut" bring it with you on your next visit to San Antonio.

Bonsai make excellent gifts for any occasion. We accept all major credit cards, so browse our merchandise, call or come by when you're in town. Our hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

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