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SA Events Calendar compiles the performing and exhibition schedules of San Antonio's principal arts organizations, festivals and charitable galas and tournaments. Over 1500 events of more than 100 organizations provide a wide spectrum of choices for these interested in cultural and civic events. Events are categorized, indexed and listed chronologically with date, time and place. September starts this 16-month calendar. Events on first 13 months. 60 large pages, top spiral bound, with event photographs, maps, museum and theater addresses and box office numbers. The 2006-2007 edition is the FINAL EDITION. After 20 years, the publication will cease. It will be available for HALF PRICE, $6.49, until sold out. Order On-Line with credit card or send check or Money Order for $12.15 ($6.49 + $4.75 shipping plus 91 cents local tax) to: SA Events Calendar, PO Box 90078, San Antonio, TX 78209-9078. Order sent by mail within 5-7 days.

SA Events

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SA Events Calendar
The most comprehensive Calendar of San Antonio Events with over 1,500 events plus Maps, Tourist Attractions, Area School Holidays, Restaurants, Musicians & Entertainers, Photos


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