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SAMarketPlace.com is San Antonio's premier on-line shopping center. With room for all and prices that are affordable for even the smallest business, SAMarketPlace is the commerce solution businesses have been asking for.

We've taken care of the programming, security issues, credit card authorizations and have made it easier to sell on-line than in your store, person-to-person. You can add items, including photos, change prices, run a sale, offer day-to-day specials-anything to get the customer to buy-using only your browser, 24 hours a day, every day of the year! We handle all the accounting issues and instantly inform you of a purchase so you can complete the sale (ship the items).

Our Community Stores offer additional exposure and ease of access to merchants in the major shopping areas of our city; such as La Villita, Artisan's Alley, Alamo Plaza, Market Square, etc... Same low cost and ease of use, just additional value for our member groups. All shops are accessible by all visitors, all the time. If your business requires a custom commerce solution, we can make it happen for you as well. Just let us know.

Over 450,000 people from around the world visit Heart of San Antonio sites each month, shouldn't your business be in front of them?

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