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Building an on-line store is simple. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser. Follow these sequential steps and you are ready to sell your stuff on-line. Please do not use your browser's "Back or Reload" button. Please read "Store Options" before filling out this form.

STEP 1: Create Your Store Profile.
Fill out your store's name.
Store Name:
A Short Name or Abbreviation of your store is required when a store is set up. Do not use spaces: JacksCookies, CheeverBooks, etc. This name will be used to define your store's web address. For example, http://samarketplace.com/shops/JacksCookies.
Short Name:
If you have an existing website you'd like to link from your on-line store, enter its address here. For example: www.artend.com (DO NOT add the http://-it will be added automatically).
Website Address:
If you do not have an email address or would like one with your store's address, SAMarketPlace provides a free custom email address when you sign up. Your email will be yourshopname@samarketplace.com To request an email address, please email GetEmail@samarketplace.com
Contact Person:
This description will appear in your shopping area's listings and other directories. Please keep this to about 25 words.
Short Description:
This longer description will appear on your store's front page. Use this to fully describe your business in 150-250 words.
Long Description:
In addition to accepting payment by credit card in SAMarketPlace, if you have other payment options you'd like to offer your customers, this is the place to explain them.
Payment Info:
Use this area to tell your customers how you ship your products, such as Fedex or UPS and how long it usually takes to fill an order ("Please allow...for delivery").
Order Info:
Local Delivery:
Pick Up:
What types of credit cards do you currently accept?
Visa  Master  Discover  American Express  None 
Username and Password will be needed when you want to Change or Update your store's profile and your catalog.
Select one of the following shopping areas. If you don't find your area, please select "Other". You may suggest a new area by email to info@samarketplace.com
Shopping Area:
Select up to 3 categories that apply. To select your 2nd or 3rd category:
PC: Hold CTRL key and click 2-3
MAC: Hold Command key and click 2-3

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