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Step 1


When you signed up in SAMarketPlace, you chose a unique username and secret password allowing you to manage your shop.

To make any changes and additions to your shop, enter the username and password you chose and click the Logon button.

Step 2
Step2 The next screen you'll see is divided into 4 sections, and allows you to perform various management functions:
  1. View Store
  2. Review/Edit Front Store Information
  3. Review/Edit/Add Catalog
  4. I'm DONE

Click the selection best describing the activity you want to perform.

Step 3


Shot Description Example Short Description Picture

Long Description Example Long Description Picture

Review/Edit Store Information

At this screen, you can review and change the following information about your shop.

  1. Store Name
  2. Front Store Image
    Click Browse to upload your store image from your computer to your on-line catalog. (gif or jpg-no wider than 150 pixels)
  3. Store Title Image
    Click Browse to upload your title image from your computer to your on-line cataglog. (gif or jpg-no wider than 350 pixels)
  4. Catalog
    This box is checked by default. If you do not have any items or plan not to have items for sale, uncheck this box.
  5. URL
    (If you have an existing website you'd like to link from your catalog, enter its address here. For example: www.artend.com - DO NOT put in the http:// - it will be added automatically.)
  6. Street
  7. City
  8. State
  9. Zip
  10. Phone
  11. Fax
  12. Email
    (SAMarketPlace provides free email when you sign up. Your email will be yourshopname@samarketplace.com)
  13. Contact Person
  14. Short Description
    (This description will appear in your shopping area's directory and the category directories. Please keep this to about 25 words. See an example at La Villita or Art Category)
  15. Long Description
    (The longer description will appear on your shop's front page to describe your store in general terms. About 100-150 words. See an example at Artistic Endeavors)
  16. Payment Information
    (In addition to accepting payment by credit card through SAMarketPlace, if you have other payment options you'd like to offer your customers, this is the place to explain them.)
  17. Allow Local Delivery
    (Check this box if your shop allows local delivery.)
  18. Allow Pickup
    (Check this box if your shop allows pickup.)
  19. Order Information
    (Use this area to tell your customers how you ship products, such as Fedex or UPS and how long it usually takes to fill an order. "Please allow...for delivery.")