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Step 4


Review/Edit/Add Catalog

On the top, you'll see the menu bar is divided into 3 parts:

  • Main Menu
    (Go back to the Main Menu screen)
  • View Store
    (View your on-line store anytime to see changes you have made.)
  • Add Main Catagory
    (Add a new product category to your catalog. See Step 5 below)

    After you add a Catagory, the category title will be shown under {Category Title}. Then what you can do with the category you have created are:

  • Add/Edit Items(Double click on catagory title to add/edit the product items in that category. See Step 6 below.)
  • Edit Category
    (Review/Change this category.)
  • Delete Category
    (Deletes this category only if it contains no items.)

Step 5

Step 5

Add Main Catagory

There are 4 items that define a Category.

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Do not Display (Check this box if you are not ready to publish the category online.)
  4. Sort Order (You can rearrange the order of categories anytime.)

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