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Welcome to SAMarketPlace!

San Antonio's Premier On-Line Shopping Extravaganza!
Selection...Convenience...Flexibility...Intelligent Shopping at its Best!

Whether or not you've shopped on-line before, get ready for a truly unique experience. The following guidelines will give you an overview of the unique features of SAMarketPlace you won't find anywhere else...on-line or off. Not even at the mall.

Just Fill Your Bag...

    First, just go through the shops, search for an item or a particular store and gather the items you want in your shopping bag. Don't worry about how many of each item you're picking up, you can tell us how many you want when you're ready to check out and tell us where to ship your stuff.

Buy as Much as You Want...

    Since you haven't been forced to commit to a fixed number of any item, you can buy as many or as few of each item and ship them to as many different addresses as you wish. That's right, you can do all your shopping for family and friends right here and we'll ship them wherever you tell us. One stop for everything, only one bill to pay and we do all the shipping for you. You can even have a personalized card enclosed for that “thoughtful” touch. Holiday shopping has never been this easy!

Personal Address Book...

    That's right, buckaroos, ship as many of each item to as many addresses as you want. Now, here's the real kicker...once you've entered a name and address for us to ship your goodies to, we automatically add it to your...ta-da, personal address book! Yep, once you've sent that armadillo purse to Aunt Matilda, shopping for her again is as simple as clicking on her name. We'll remember all the details about her for you. And, if she's off galavantin around somewhere, you can even override her normal address and enter a temporary address for the order. If she's gonna be away for awhile, well, just give her a new slot in your address book and delete it when she gets back home. Couldn't be simpler or more convenient.

We'll Remember You...

    And speaking of remembering the details, that's the reason we'll ask you for a username and password before you check out. That way, the next time you need that one-of-a-kind gift from San Antonio, all you have to do is tell us who you are and all of your personal information and your address book will be waiting for you.

    And don't worry, your personal information is safe with us, we won't give it out to anybody, 'cept the stores so they can fill your order.

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