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Special Basket


Got a BIG Need to Impress Someone in a BIG Way?

We have the "put me back in the will "gift of all time... Send our very special basket to someone and sit back and wait for your fortune to be made!

This is our "over the top" gift basket, and should only be sent to
those unique folks who can really do you some good in life... When they receive "The Salsa Lovers Delight Basket", you won't be able to stop the complements...

"Your stock is really high with me!, B. Gates

"Reduce the Xmas list, at once!", S. Clause

"No party is complete without you!", H. Heffner

"I can't agree with what your friends say about you anymore!", John Paul

"And here I thought you were so cheap!", E. Scrooge

are just a few of the reported comments from our satisfied buyers. So don't delay. Send a gift unique in any circle. And then just sit back and wait for the praise you'll so richly deserve.

Item Code: bigbucket
Price: $65.00


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