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Rex Foster


Hatband like Merle's


This hatband is very clean, simple, and elegant. Merle Haggard bought the first one I ever made when we were on the road together back in '76. I've used the bone from pasture-fallen Texas cow. This bone comes from cattle that die naturally out in the "back 40" and are left to go through all the organic cycles that after a couple of years, leaving sun cured bone for me to use in making beautiful pieces of art...(even if we do wear them on our hats).

The pieces in this band are all fully capped in Sterling Silver and mounted on a light buckskin color cowhide leather strap. The buckles I carve for the hatbands are very similar to the bracelet buckles except they have no tongue. Both ends of the leather strap go through and lock against each other, making it a very exacting adjustment for each individual hat. (I do this style in various sizes and colors for custom design work).

Item Code: hatband01
Price: $440.00


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