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The NuMedia Group July Newsletter

7/9/1999 12:47:06 PM
Posted by: Marina Herring
Email: marina@numedia-sa.com
Phone: 210-212-5600
URL: www.NuMedia-SA.com


Your Local San Antonio on-line experience…




======Table Of Contents======

  1. New online stores and websites
  2. Hints for your online store
  3. A&E Advertising Deals
  4. KTSA Radio Spots
  5. Spurs Mania
  6. Texas Tourism Travel packages
  7. Marketing & Advertising tips


Say Howdy! To Our New Websites and Stores…

Booksmartz.com - a fantastic place to shop online for family and educational literature. Booksmartz offers collectable books like Star Wars, educational books for k-12, and CD-ROMs. Booksmartz is also in association with Amazon.com.

CelluliteAway.com - Everything you ever wanted to know about the dreaded "cottagecheese" look. From causes to treatments and products to help in the battle, CelluliteAway is a very comprehensive site.

Raoul’s Texas Thangs in SAMarketPlace has several new products you won’t find anywhere else and which are pure Texanna. He has a book section with a fine book on digital imaging techniques and processes written by former San Antonian Dan Burkholder and two DayTripper books by Carol King featuring day trips to the hill country. Carol’s books are great weekend companions and, although designed for single-day excursions, there’s enough material to make several trips. Perfect way to get houseguests out of the way and catch up on your rest... For that "special" guest, be sure to order one of his delightful PattyCakes and they’ll always remember their visit (probably their last).

<><><><>Sites Under Construction:<><><><>

KLRN’s educational television programming schedules and teacher resources are getting a new, extensive site to help our schools get the right information to our children. Not for public access.

The Human Resources department for one of the area’s largest employers is getting a state-of-the-art site for job postings and applications. It will be for public access.

A new children’s bookstore will soon be on-line with one of the finest book selections, all reviewed by an accredited educator/Mom, and several innovative features not found anywhere else.

The world’s largest mushroom collection (for medicinal research purposes) will be on-line shortly but, unless you’re into the scientific angle, you won’t be shopping here for the backyard grill. One of the more fascinating, yet least known, businesses in the area.

Rumor has it we are close to signing one of San Antonio’s landmarks to do a major site that will do wonders for our tourist industry. Stay tuned...


$$ Helpful Hints for Your Online Store $$

Your online store is an extension of your "real" store and needs to be promoted like you would a second location.

Inform your store managers and employees about your online store so they can answer questions if shoppers call or present coupons.

Give a counter card to everyone who comes through your door-and people you meet away from your store!

It’s very important that you provide the same quality of customer service at your online store that you provide at your "real" store.

If you receive a call from a customer who purchased an item from your online store and is unsure if the order went through, or has other questions, simply explain to them your online transactions are managed by NuMedia Group and direct them to Marina Herring in Customer Service at 210-212-5600. She will gladly answer their questions.


********A Wheel of A Deal…*********

The newest addition to our Heart of San Antonio family is the Arts & Entertainment section. In conjunction with our entertainment partners, we are offering media-combo advertising packages targeting the arts and entertainment markets. The packages will include banners on SAEntertainment, SAEventsCalendar, Rooted Magazine, and The San Antonio Scene, as well as a 1/6 page ad in the Scene’s printed issue, and a full color 1/6 page in Que Pasa magazine. If you, or others you know, are in the A&E business, call Marina at 210-212-5600. She has all the details on this awesome advertising value.


((((((((((((Keep Your EARS Peeled!))))))))))))

Beginning July 7, KTSA 550-AM began airing 60-second advertising spots promoting Heart of San Antonio and SAMarketplace. The spots will run in weekday drivetime periods: mornings, 6-9am, afternoons, 5-7:30 p.m., and as sponsorships for the News & Traffic reports throughout the day. In addition, 60-spots will run on Saturday nights between 7 and 9 p.m. on Jack Landman’s CyberCity program. If you haven’t tuned in to Jack’s show, give it a listen. Jack always has interesting topics and guests and his audience is cyberwise so it’ll be a great place for SAMarketPlace spots. If you’d like your business featured in our spots, let us know and we’ll share the costs-it is very cost effective and KTSA has a 90-county listening area! In fact, we got calls within minutes of our first ad running!


### We said, "Go Spurs Go!" and They Did! ###

Everyone in San Antonio is still on cloud nine, and dead tired, from the Spurs World Championship series. To celebrate our victory, SAMarketPlace is offering the officially licensed Spurs championship cap and T-shirts for sale through Salsa San Antonio. The special Spurs store also has some truly unusual NBA memorabilia to commemorate our first championship. If you have a store in SAMarketPlace, you can have any of the "strange" things for just $10 each (we’ll let the tourists pay retail).

Also, if you feel you just didn’t get enough celebration during the championship or missed something, you should log onto our "Just4Fun" section and go to Raoul Nachi’s Party Pics section. Scope out the fans for games 1 & 2, relive the domecast of game 3, the Friday night victory street party and Sunday’s River Parade and Pep Rally. If you look closely, you might just find yourself or a friend immortalized! As a special promotion service to our customers, when your business or organization is having a party, let us know and we’ll send Raoul over to take a couple of hundred pictures and post them in his Party Pics section and he’ll link them to your site as an added attraction. It’s free if you’ve got food and libations to keep him happy.


******New Texas Tourism Packages******

TexasTourism now has travel packages as low as $215, including accommodations and entertainment vouchers. We have a new Lonestar Getaway Package for $299 that includes a 3 day/ 2 night stay at the Historic Emily Morgan Ramada Hotel, tickets to the IMAX theater showing "Alamo, the Price of Freedom", dinner or lunch for two at the Lone Star Cafe on the Riverwalk, plus downtown coupons and vouchers. This is just one of the many San Antonio Getaways TexasTourism is offering. We also offer Golf Packages, Fiesta Texas Packages, and a special, limited number of Millennium Packages to bring in the New Year with a bang!


#$#$#$#$ Marketing & Advertising $#$#$#$#

Those of you who stay in touch on a regular basis know we are doing everything we can to promote SAMarketplace, your stores and sites. But, there is a limit to what we can accomplish on our own. It is imperative that you do all you can as well. Be sure to put up your SAMarketPlace sticker where your customers can see it and hand out your counter cards. If you haven’t ordered your cards yet, please do so. They are very inexpensive, double as business cards, and are a great way to make sure your customers know where to find you on-line to shop after hours.

When you place your advertising-in any media-be sure to include your on-line store’s address. If people don’t know you can be reached on-line, they won’t look for you and you’ll be missing sales. It’s that simple. If there is something we can do beyond what we are doing, please let us know. We are always open to suggestions.


Till next time…Work your store and tell everyone about it!


The NuMedia Group is…

Administration: Titima Schwaerzel & Terry Weakly

Travel: Carolee Youngblood

Sales & Customer Service: Marina Herring

For more info on NuMedia Services, call: 210.212.5600