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nuMedia Group Fall Newsletter

9/17/1999 3:56:15 PM
Posted by: Marina Herring
Email: marina@numedia-sa.com
Phone: 210-212-5600
URL: http://www.HeartOfSanAntonio.com


The NuMedia Group Fall Newsletter

Your Local San Antonio on-line experience…




======Table Of Contents======

  1. What’s New With SAMarketPlace.com?
  2. Christmas In September?!
  3. New KTSA Advertising Campaign
  4. TexasTourism.com Fall Specials
  5. Millennium Mania
  6. Welcome our nuFriends


!!!!!!!!!What’s New With SAMarketPlace.com?!!!!!!!!!

The big Holiday shopping season is right around the corner and the pundits are predicting online retail sales this holiday season of $9.5 billion-three times last year’s record! To make things easier for you and your customers, we’ve added some new ideas and features for your SAMarketPlace store.

  • Gift Certificates:

We are beginning to receive requests for gift certificates for our SAMarketPlace stores and we encourage everyone to participate in our gift certificate programs. Call for all the details.

  • Request a Catalog:

Online shoppers can now request a printed catalog from participating SAMarketPlace stores. To order a catalog, the shopper simply fills out a form and the information is then forwarded to the proper SAMarketPlace merchants. This is a great opportunity to build your off-line mailing list and secure repeat business. Just let us know if you’d like to be on the list, it’s free.

  • Credit Card Processing:

We are changing our credit card processing policy. For merchants who have traditional merchant accounts, we will continue to verify the card’s validity but now we will pass the information directly to you so you can process it yourself. This provides several benefits for you: traditional, off-line rates are lower; and, the money will go directly into your account instead of having to wait for us to cut a check. For your customers, it will eliminate the confusion of seeing a charge on their card from

SAMarketPlace, instead of your store. We will still send the order information to you when a sale is made but, if you are receiving orders by fax, the credit card info will now be included. If you get your information via email, we’ll still notify you when a sale occurs, but since email is not secure, we will not include the credit

card information. The full information will be available in the "Admin" section for your store, still on the secure server. Just let us know if you want your orders by fax or email and we’ll do the rest.


%%%%%%Christmas In September?!%%%%%%

What? You still don’t have an On-Line Store? How does $3.12 a day sound?

We’ve greatly simplified the cost of having a store in SAMarketPlace so it’s affordable for everyone. The space "rent" is now just $95 a month for everyone and you still get all the features of the most complete shopping site on the Internet. If you can do your own store management, that’s it. No setup fees! No transaction fees! None, Nada, Zip!

If you can’t do it yourself, and need us to take pictures of your items and put your store and catalog together, there is a one time setup fee of $450. For that, we’ll set up your store and put the first 20 items in your catalog. After that, the rent is just $95 a

month...that’s $3.12 a day or $ 0.13 an hour for a full-service, on-line store-open every day, 24 hours a day.

As a pre-Holiday Gift to You...

We are suspending all store payments until March 1, 2000! That means you

can have a store on-line for the major shopping seasons of the year, including: Columbus Day; Halloween; Veteran’s Day; Thanksgiving; Hanukkah; Christmas; post-Christmas; the once-in-a-lifetime New Year’s Millennium Blowout!; and, the first Valentines Day of the new century! And not pay a cent! After that, it’s just $95 a month if you decide to continue. You know you’ll have to get into e-commerce sooner or later, why wait? 100,000,000 hungry credit cards will shopping on-line this year...will you be there? For more information, you may contact Marina at 210-212-5600, or open your store on-line today here.

If you already have a store in SAMarketPlace, now is the time to get it in

shape for the shopping season. Beef up and freshen your inventory, expound

on your products’ features (you still gotta sell it), add gift certificates and local delivery-and get ready...!


((((((((((((New KTSA Advertising Campaign))))))))))))

We are running spots on KTSA again from September 20 through October 9 to

announce the Holiday Store Special and encourage other businesses to join

SAMarketPlace-the more stores in the MarketPlace, the better it is for all. With a triple-record on-line Holiday Shopping Season expected this year, we want everyone to have the opportunity to participate. Our next campaign will be directed to the local consumer, letting them know they can shop their favorite local merchants on-line and reinforcing the advantages of buying local. All things being equal, people would rather buy from "Stores They Know & People They Trust" than an out-of-town store.

In both campaigns, we will be offering prize giveaways each day of the promotion to acquaint the buying public with SAMarketPlace.com. Participating stores donated a minimum value of $50 in gift certificates or merchandise. Those stores will be spotlighted in the radio promotions and shoppers wishing to register for their prize or gift will have to visit their site.

This is our first media co-marketing venture with our SAMarketPlace stores. Unfortunately, participation is limited. However, if you were not able to participate this round, you’ll have another opportunity soon. If you would like to discuss other co-marketing ideas, please call us at 210-212-5600 and ask for Marina or Terry.


$$$$$$$$$TexasTourism.com Fall Specials$$$$$$$$$

Here’s a great offer that is available ONLY through October 31st…$274.99 for 2 ($15.00 each additional person)

Guests will receive:

  • A luxury suite with one king bed or two double beds and a sitting area
  • Amenities such as microwave, wet bar and refrigerator
  • One hour, narrated Riverboat tour
  • Gift Certificate for Dinner for two at your choice of a list of selected restaurants on the Riverwalk and in Market Square
  • Deluxe Continental Breakfast

The new Sumner Suites has a picturesque location on the banks of the San Antonio River and is a 10 minute leisurely walk from the Riverwalk’s South Bank Entertainment area. The hotel provides transport to Market Square, museums, and other downtown locations. There is a 72 hour cancellation policy and additional nights and persons can be added. A maximum of 5 persons per room is allowed at Sumner Suites.


y2k*y2k*y2k*=Millennium Mania=*y2k*y2k*y2k

Are you ready to party like it’s the end of the century? Yes, we know it’s not really the end of the century, but try telling that to a couple of hundred thousand party animals on New Year’s Eve this year. To give you a jump on the rest, TexasTourism.com is offering two special New Years Eve Packages by the beautiful and elegant Adams Mark Hotel to put you in the middle of the madness!

With the two packages, $499 & $50,000, the Adams Mark Hotel on the Riverwalk has something for everyone... There is only one $50K package, since it includes the Presidential Suite and a new car! Go to TexasTourism.com and reserve your rooms now!


()()()()()()()()() Welcome our nuFriends ()()()()()()()()()

Say Howdy! To our nuclients!

  • Paseo del Rio (Riverwalk) Association
  • Treehouse Bookstore
  • Initial Security, Inc.


Till next time…Work your store and tell everyone about it!

The NuMedia Group is…

Administration: Titima Schwaerzel & Terry Weakly

Travel: Carolee Youngblood

Sales & Customer Service: Marina Herring