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SAY SI-LA VI: Watercolor Art Show and Sale

2/20/1999 2:39:40 PM
Posted by: Sherry Disdier: La Plantadora's Bonsai Arbor at La Villita
Email: bonsaiarbor@samarketplace.com
Phone: 210-224-5770
URL: http://lavillita.com


We have a great and important art event coming up the first Saturday in March, March 6th from 2pm to 4pm. Its our annual 'SAY SI-LA VI Watercolor Art Show and Sale. This is not just another run of the mill art show, folks. This is an important show because the artists are all very talented high school students from our inner city high schools. They are enrolled in a program called "SAY SI" which stands for San Antonio Youth - YES.

The entire month of March in San Antonio is a Citywide month long celebration of watercolor painting. And the SAY SI EXHIBIT is one of the ways the whole community of La Villita businesses participate in Watercolor Month. You see there were several very specific purposes for La Villita that were carefully spelled out in the original ordinance of 1939 that established the restored La Villita. These were: To promote Pan American Unity, To create an environment where arts and crafts of high quality can be made and sold FOR A PROFIT. And for the experienced artists and craftspeople here in the village to pass down their expertise and skills to the next generation. In other words to teach the children. Say Si is an organization that teaches, encourages, and nurtures children with visual artistic talent with the objective in mind that they can pursue the visual arts as a profession. Since many of us here in La Villita are professional artists it is our responsibility as mandated in the original ordinance to give these prospective young artists a forum in which they can exhibit their work, get the experience of having it gourd, get a taste of what its like to compete against their peers, and to sell their work, and actually make a little money. We have some of our best local professional watercolorists judge these talented youngster's entries. Then substantial cash prizes are awarded to the winners. All the entries are for sale and the money goes to the student artist. On the first Saturday of March we have the judging, award the prizes, and have an artist reception and celebration. This will take place in the 2nd Floor of Bolivar Hall in La Villita. Then the works will be of display in various La Villita galleries and shops for the next two weeks. So if you are going to be in San Antonio during this time we welcome one and all to attend, see for yourself what Wonderfully talented young people we have here, and help us honor them.