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Wilds & Wovens

555 W. Bitters Rd.,
San Antonio, TX 78216
Alva Rahe
Phone: 210-490-7881

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Tucked away in Artisans' Alley is Wilds & Wovens, a shop featuring pioneer Texas décor - a confluence of cowboy, Indian, Mexican and German.

Gathering wreaths are a specialty. Each wreath is an original creation of dried native plants and natural found materials, treasures collected from the Texas Hill Country.

Small art pieces include Navajo made tree ornaments by the Herbert family, Zuni beaded Santas, small nativities, pottery, textiles and handpainted gourd ornaments.

Wilds & Wovens carries an elegant array of Native American jewelry. Select from signed work by noted artisans whose pieces feature Damali, Dry Creek, Enchantment and Candalaria turquoise, silver, coral and spinney shell, etc.

Books for children and adults focus on Texas --- cowboys, Indians, wildlife, plants and cookbooks.

Wilds & Wovens also carries a selection of CD's featuring vintage cowboy and Native American music.

Visit Wilds & Wovens and enjoy the "nature" of Texas.


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