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13029 North Run
San Antonio, Texas 78249
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I’ve created a totally new style of sculpture that expresses the ambiguity of modern life - complex yet simple - in which its lines and shapes constantly repeat themselves much like everyday life. This artistic form offers a harmonious union of elegance and architectural flair utilizing fine paper.

My designs give the two-dimensional medium of paper a new and unique three-dimensional perspective. As you look at them from different angles, you’ll find a new sculpture every time. Each design is an artistic expression at an affordable price for all tastes.

Felipe Vázquez

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Wall Sculptures
Cartí Sculpture designs are sculpted in fine paper created for hanging on a wall or for framing. The wall sculptures come assembled and are easy to display. Wall mounting instructions are included in the packaging. Each piece is signature embossed for that added touch of class and handcrafted feel.

Desk Sculptures
Cartí's Desk Sculptures invite you to reach for them and touch them to explore a variety of possibilities. Once you have assembled the pieces, you will discover different perspectives that each design has when it lays flat or in its three-dimensional configuration. These designs are objects of art that motivate and inspire creativity and exploration.

Assembly for all of the Desk Sculptures is very simple and principally the same. The individual pieces interlock from the center as you work your way out. Each desk sculpture comes unassembled with thorough instructions included in the packaging.


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