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Step 6

Add Item

add item

Add/Edit Item

At the top, you will see the menu devided into 4 part:

  • Main Menu (Go back to Main Menu)
  • Previous Page (Go back to Category Page)
  • Add SubCategory (Click here, if you want to add a subcategory under this category.)
  • Add Item (Click here, if you want to add a product item to this category.)

    If you add a subcategory, you will see the subcategory's name on the page. You can always Edit or Delete a subcategory.

    If you add an Item, you will see the Item's information and its picture on the page.

  • To Edit an Item, go to the item you want to edit and click "Edit" under that item.
  • To Delete an Item, go to that Item and click "Delete" to delete the item from your catalog.

    An Item's information includes:

    1. Item Name
      (Name of the item)
    2. Item Code
      (Item codes are defined by each individual shop. It must be a unique series of numbers, characters or a combination of letters and numbers; i.e, 001, PAA, P2A4)
    3. Small Image
      Click Browse to upload an image's thumbnail from your computer to your on-line catalog. This picture should be about 100 pixels wide.
    4. Large Image
      Click browser to upload a large image from your computer to your online catalog. This picture should be about 250-300 pixels wide.
    5. New Item
      (You can feature NEW items by selecting the check box and set the period of time for the New icon to appear with the product.)
    6. Retail Price
      This is your normal price for the item.
    7. On Sale
      (You can put an On Sale icon with the product by selecting this check box, telling the shopper this item is specially priced)
    8. On Sale Price
      This price will appear as the Sale Price during the duration of the On Sale Period.
    9. On Sale Period
      (This sets the time limit the Sale price and icons will appear with this item.)
    10. Sold Item
      (If your product is unique or available only in limited quantities, you can select this check box to signify when the product has sold out with a Sold icon. )
    11. Description
      (It can be size, color, weight, origin, etc. Make it informative and enticing! Shoppers are not going to buy your products if you don't fully describe them. That is the single biggest mistake merchants make when setting up their catalog.)
    12. These fields will be applied, if you use the accumulated shipping method. Please see Shipping Methods for guidelines on setting up your shipping charges. If you use another method for figuring shipping charges, let us know so we can integrate it into your system for automatic calculations.)
    13. Keywords
      Enter keywords related to your products to make it easier for customers to find them. The Search function searches all the words in your item's fields; use this for words that might be entered by a shopper but do not appear in the product's name or description.

      When you've finished, Click Add to add this item to your catalog.
      Click Update if you have been editing an existing item's information.
      Click Cancel if you change your mind and don't want to make the changes.

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