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  1. What is SAMarketPlace?

  2. SAMarketPlace is San Antonio's premier on-line shopping center. With room for all and prices that are affordable for even the smallest business, SAMarketPlace is the commerce solution consumers have been looking for and businesses have been asking for.

    We've taken care of the programming, security issues, credit card authorizations and have made it easier to sell on-line than in your store, person-to-person. You can add items, including photos, change prices, run a sale, offer day-to-day specials-anything to get the customer to buy-using only your browser, 24 hours a day, every day of the year! We handle all the accounting issues and instantly inform you of a purchase so you can ship the product and complete the sale.

  3. What makes SAMarketPlace different?

  4. Not only do we offer additional exposure and ease of access to merchants in the major shopping areas of San Antonio, such as La Villita, Lincoln Heights, Artisans' Alley, etc. but we are the only site able to bring customers to your door as they take our incredible virtual tours.

  5. Who's behind SAMarketPlace?

  6. SAMarketPlace is owned and operated by NuMedia Group and WorldPost Technologies, a Microsoft Solution Provider. We are officed downtown, in the Heart of San Antonio, at the corner of Houston and Navarro-just a stone's throw from the RiverWalk.

  7. How will I benefit from being in SAMarketPlace?

  8. Well, first, SAMarketPlace is one of the main sections of the award-winning Heart of San Antonio website, visited by over 300,000 people from around the world each month.

    Second, all shops in SAMarketPlace will be accessible by all visitors, all the time.

    Third, SAMarketPlace is constantly being promoted to the on-line world and soon will receive heavy local coverage in the traditional media.

    Fourth, you will receive promotional materials reminding your customers you are now shoppable on-line, so you can continue to serve them whether they live in San Antonio or Tokyo.

    Fifth, as a member of SAMarketPlace, you can further promote your business by participating in other features of Heart of San Antonio such as our new "Freebies&OtherGoodDeals" section, our Virtual Tours, our San Antonio/Texas Event Calender and the other areas we have planned.

    Sixth, you can sell your products on-line like the big guys do. With one important exception: You won't invest a lot of time and money like they did.

  9. Who can join SAMarketPlace?

  10. We welcome anyone who provides quality products and services to their customers. Of course, this leaves out some, but we want our visitors to feel comfortable and safe shopping San Antonio. And, just like in the real world, if you visit a nice mall with interesting, respectable shops, you're more inclined to come back again. As long as you have quality products or services to offer and pass our muster, we're here to help you to open your shop on-line.

  11. How do visitors find my shop or my items in SAMarketPlace?

  12. SAMarketPlace has several sections. Some sections spotlight the major shopping areas in San Antonio. If your shop is located in one these areas, your business will be listed automatically, even if you haven't opened an on-line branch with us. You're still getting exposure, just no sales.

    On-line visitors will develop a sense of where you are really located and can easily find you again by visiting the shopping area you're in. When they actually come to San Antonio, they'll know your business is real and where to visit you in person.

  13. But what if my business is not located in one of the spotlighted shopping areas?

  14. We have a special section for mavericks like you, appropriately called "Mavericks." You will be listed there and be just as accessible as any other shop in SAMarketPlace. Just consider Mavericks as your very own shopping center.

    One of the most important features of SAMarketPlace is our across-the-board search capabilities. While shopping any store or center, visitors can search across the entire SAMarketPlace by product, store name, price and keywords. For example, a visitor looking for boots but doesn't know where to start, simply enters "boots" in the search box. If you sell boots, boot accessories or have the word boot in your name or business description, you'll show up. Pretty foolproof!

  15. Can I join SAMarketPlace if I don't have a physical product to sell?

  16. Of course you can. For example: You have a restaurant in or near one of the shopping areas, we can create a website for you which is linked from SAMarketPlace. If you sell something as nebulous as advice, we'll set you up so access to your wit and wisdom is available only after payment is entered.

  17. Can I have my own store with its own distinctive look?

  18. Of course we can make it happen for you as well. Just let us know and we will create a customer commerce solution for you. It won't be as inexpensive as SAMarketPlace, but it'll be your own store and you'll still be just as accessible through the MarkePlace.
    For example, JackCookies and Fertile Garden (Gardenville Northwest)

  19. What if I don't accept credit cards in my business now or if my bank doesn't handle on-line credit card transactions?

  20. No problem. We handle it all. This is a turn-key setup. All you have to do is put your information in and ship the products sold. We take care of all the details.

  21. Sounds good, but how much does it cost to put my store on-line?

  22. Thought you'd never ask. It's so cheap, it's hard to believe. We offer four programs to meet every business's needs. Please see all the details.

  23. Ok, I'm ready. What do I do now?

  24. Simply fill out the registration process or call 210-212-5600

  25. As a consumer, why should I trust SAMarketPlace?

  26. Our Four-Point Better Business Assurance Plan:

    1. SAMarketPlace uses the latest secure server technology. As long as your browser recognizes secure servers, you're covered.
      Verisign Seal
    2. Our vendors have been personally visited and their business reputation checked with the local Better Business Bureau. While we can't guarantee someone won't hand you a lemon, we'll do everything possible to correct it if it does happen.

    3. If it's found to be intentional, they will be removed from the MarketPlace. We're not in the business of making lemonade.

    4. Your credit card is not charged until proof of shipment is supplied.