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Special Holiday Advertising Program

The Holiday Shopping Season is here and it's going to be another record breaker!
You've undoubtedly already outlined your holiday sales strategy, ordered your decorations, picked out the music you'll play, and decided on your products and pricing. Why not take the next step by joining the ecommerce revolution this year and putting your pots & pans on-line for all the world to shop?

Industry professionals are predicting this year's on-line Holiday sales will triple last year's record levels!

FREE TV Advertising!
To make your decision a no-brainer, we are committing 100% of your first six months hosting charges to a special Holiday Advertising Campaign with KMOL-TV. That's right! If you pay $500 for your first 6 months store rent, we'll list your store in our 30-second Television Ads on KMOL! That's a $70 saving over paying it month-by-month and you get TV Exposure for Your Store! If you've tried to reserve television ad space for this holiday season, you know how scarce and expensive it is. This is your chance to get prime television holiday advertising for FREE!

We have two plans to meet your needs:
Do It Yourself!
If you have internet access, you can open your store in a matter of minutes. Take or scan your product pictures and upload them to your catalog with a simple click of the mouse. Just as easily, you can add and remove items; change their pricing, descriptions and photos; put them On-Sale; receive requests for your printed catalog; and, communicate with your customers 24x7x365! And, by doing it yourself, you SAVE $$$!

Or, We'll Do It For You! If you can't get pictures of your products into a digital format (using a digital camera or scanner); don't have reliable Internet access; or, just don't have the time to put your produts on-line, we'll do it all for a nominal setup charge of $450. We'll take digital photos of your store, add your logo, and take photos or scan pictures of your products; design your storefront and put the first 20 items on for you. All you have to do is process and ship the orders.

On-Line Credit Card Verification
In either case, we'll verify all credit cards through our secure server and notify you by email and/or fax of your orders. All you have to do is process the credit card through your normal merchant account and ship the item. By processing the credit card orders yourself, your money goes directly into your account just as if the sale was made in your store. We won't even charge a transaction fee...all the money is yours! Just our way of saying Happy Holidays!

Marketing Tools
We'll give you window stickers to remind your customers you are now on-line, and counter cards to take with them so they won't forget the address of your on-line your store. These full color cards can even be used as business cards to give to everyone you meet.

We'll send out email announcements to our thousands of customers (no spam-they've all asked to be notified of new stores) that you are now on-line and ready for business!

Already visited by thousands of shoppers each day, we will be increasing our local marketing presence with radio, television and other advertising to tell everyone where to Shop San Antonio on-line this Holiday Season!

That's right, for about $3 a day, you have a complete new store that's open for business every hour of every day of the year and shoppable by anyone in the world! That's less than you'd pay for a couple of lines in the local classified section! Oh, did we mention we are the only on-line mall in San Antonio that doesn't charge transaction fees? That we have the lowest monthly store rental? The easiest and fastest setup-minutes, not weeks? The most features? I thought so, just checking to see if you've been paying attention...

That's right, no hidden gotchas, just a great program to get you up and on-line in time for millions of shoppers going on-line for their Holiday Shopping to find you!

Are we Crazy?
With No Setup Charges, No Transaction Fees and a nominal hosting fee...you might think so and maybe we are. But we just wanted all our friends and neighbors to be able to take part in the great Internet Holiday Shopping Bonanza this year so we said "What the heck, let the serious stores pay a little less up-front and we'll use all of it for Television Advertising. We dare other ecommerce sites here or elsewhere to match that!

Ready to Get Started?
Simply go to our signup form, fill it out and start building your store. If you want us to do it for you, let us know on the form and one of our crack ecommerce specialists (sounded better than "one of us") will contact you shortly. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email us. We're here to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Remember, 100,000,000 credit cards will be looking for YOU this Holiday Shopping Season!