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SAMarketPlace is San Antonio's, and probably the world's easiest, most affordable and flexible e-commerce solution!

Ever wonder why more San Antonio businesses are not selling their goods and services on-line? Ever checked into setting up your own on-line store? Well, if you've checked around, you know why more businesses are not on-line, and probably why you aren't either. Until SAMarketPlace, it's been too difficult, too expensive, too time consuming and too complex. We've just eliminated all the confusion, complexity and outrageous costs!

We've made it easier than you can imagine and much cheaper than you ever dreamed. All you have to do is provide us with some basic information, figure out what you want to sell, how much to charge for it and we'll set up your own on-line store. When someone orders a product from your on-line store, we capture their credit card information, process it on-line and notify you of the order by email or fax. All you have to do is ship the goods and furnish us with proof of shipping. Presto, you get the money. You don't even have to get out of bed, we'll transfer it directly into your regular bank account.

Compare These Features...

  1. Featured on Heart of San Antonio with over 10,000 visitors a day!
  2. Full Featured Catalog in SAMarketPlace
  3. Unlimited Items and Categories
  4. Maintain your Catalog with only a Browser
    • Anytime, Night and Day!
    • Change Photos, Description, Pricing
    • Add or Remove Items
    • Put Items "On Sale"
  5. Sell Items Directly From Your Site - Exclusive "Buy Now!" Button
  6. Up and On-Line in a Matter of Hours
  7. Secure, Real-time, On-line Credit Card Processing
  8. Free Coupon Site

    and More..

To meet the needs of every business in our community, we offer four programs...

TireKicker: Provides an on-line business presence with a listing in your shopping district's area. Business name, phone/fax numbers and a 25 word description. FREE! See an example
Just post our banner on your page to exchage advertising. Please copy this code to your website to post one of these banners.

<center> <a href="" target="new"> <img src="" width=350 height=50 border=0><br> <font size=1>San Antonio's premier on-line shopping district </font> </a> </center>
San Antonio's premier on-line shopping district

<center> <a href="" target="new"> <img src="" width=150 height=65 border=0><br> <font size=1>San Antonio's premier on-line shopping district </font> </a> </center>

San Antonio's premier on-line shopping district

WindowShopper: Directory link to your own individualized, promotional banner page with even more... Business Name, Address, Phone/Fax numbers, 150 word description, logo, photo, SAMarketPlace email address, Spotlight links from Heart of San Antonio and exclusive participation in other directories and special promotions.
$100 per year. (27 cents/day) See an example

Merchant:All of the above, plus a complete personalized on-line catalog of your wares featuring photos of your products. We will also give you a back-door key so you can add or remove items whenever you want, change prices, put things on sale, do whatever you want to build sales. If you already have a website, we will link it to your on-line catalog to give your customers a seamless shopping experience. If not, we can build one for you.

We have two programs for on-line selling:
1. $179 per year*
2. $799 per year**

If you need someone to take or scan your photos or enter your inventory into your catalog, we'll even do that for a nominal per item charge.

Transaction Fees:

Depending upon the plan, we charge either a percentage of the transaction or a fixed dollar amount, whichever is greater.

If you use our Merchant Account:
1. 5% or $5*
2. 2% or $2**

If you use your own Merchant Account:
1. 3% or $3 plus $250 set up*
2. 1% or $1 plus $250 set up**

Credit Card processing fees are passed along to the merchant at no markup and are additional to the trasaction fees above. See an example

BigSpender:The Ultimate! Your own store on-line! Complete with a custom look and special features to meet any need. It can have its own domain name and will be linked from your SAMarketplace "Shopper" site (included at no extra charge).
Please ask for details.

MallMaker:Want your own on-line mall? Multiple stores under your control! Perfect for mall operators, stripcenter owners and enterprising individuals. You select your tenants and set the rent - we do the rest. You won't find an offer like this anywhere else.
Please ask for details.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there are some caveats. First, you gotta have a real business. Second, you gotta pass our Better Business Bureau review (con-artists need not apply). Third, you gotta show us you shipped the order. That's it.

So, now that you know you can reach out and sell around the world, give us a call or drop us an email. One of our specialists will get with you, show you how to put your products on-line and do all the other neat things you can do to drive sales your way.

If you already have an internet account, you can be up and selling immediately. If you don't have an internet account somewhere, we can help you get one. If you don't even have a computer or don't want an internet account, we can do it all for you for just a little more money. In any case, setting up your storefront in SAMarketPlace is easier, cheaper and more fun than you ever imagined.

Don't delay! You never know when that special someone will drop in looking for that one-of-a-kind, sequined, armadillo purse on your shelf.

So, there you have it. For the cost of having a normal webpage, you can have your own on-line storefront-and that webpage. That's right, pay for a webpage, and we'll throw in the store!

Join us by filling out our on-line form or sending us an email